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Q&A on Prong Collars and Dominant Dog Collars
I want to use a prong collar on my dog but I'm worried I'll never be able to switch him back to a flat buckle collar after I use it. Is it possible to easily make this transition?
I am an obedience instructor and have a very large Cane Corso in my class. I'm unsure of what type of training collar to use.
I got a large prong collar for my dog and it slips down his neck during walking and training. If I take a link out, it seems too tight. Should I consider getting the chain portion of the collar shortened?
I'm thinking about a prong collar but I've seen from your videos that they can come apart? What type would you recommend and how would I use it so it doesn't come apart? Why don't you recommend quick release prong collars?
My dog needs a prong collar to walk nice on a leash, but I can't get it fitted correctly. Would a collar with smaller links fit better?
My son tried to adopt a dog from a GSD rescue and when the lady at the rescue saw my son's other dog wearing a prong collar she asked us to leave and told us she would have him banned from every rescue organization in the nation. Are prong collars really considered that bad?
I have a few questions about the new prong collar leash, could you please claify a few things for me?
We hate the dark ring and broken hair that the prong collar have given our dog. Do you think the curogan collar might be right for us?
I don’t understand the difference between a choke collar and a dominant dog collar. It seems like they are both used as a Jerk & Release correction.
The prong collar is rubbing on my dog's fur creating a fur divot. What can I do to fix this?
How do I transition from the prong collar to a flat collar for walks?
What does it mean on the Keeper Collar page when it says to not 'try out'?
Could you recommend a prong collar to help with my 8 month old Rottweiler that pulls on walks?
Should the prong collar or the ecollar be highest on the dog's neck when they are worn together?
We use a prong collar for walking, basic obedience training & have been advised to leave it on all day? Can you advise us?
Which of the prong collars is the sturdiest?
My prong collar recently broke and can't find a replacement part for the area that broke. What should I do?
For sizing of the Dominant Dog Collar, should the collar measurement of the neck go into his recess rather than over it?
I'm looking at your Dominant Dog Collar and the leather slip collar. Which of the two would you recommend for my situation or both for different uses?
My dog yelps when I correct him with the prong. Should he be doing this?

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