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Q&A on Prong Collars and Dominant Dog Collars
The more I read about the dominant dog collar, the more confused I have become. Can you please help me with what sort of collar set up I should have with my dog?
When using the dominant dog collar as a prong collar back up, should it be larger than normal so it is not correcting?
Can I use the Tritronics Bark Limiter and prong collar together to work on my dog’s reaction to other dogs?
Should my trainer be flanking my 8-month old, just to get her to bite?
My 1-year GSD is too friendly, I want him to be a protection dog. What should I do?
The dominant dog collar is functionall a choke collar just with a different design. You argue that it isn't. Can you please explain why?
I ordered a dominant dog collar and was wondering if I should be attaching the leash to her regular collar.
Should I use a prong to correct my 10 pound puppy from lunging at other dogs in class?
My dog now understands corrections don't mean much when his prong collar is off. Is it possible for him to unlearn this?
Will your dominant dog collors fit larger dogs up to 140 pounds?
What is the difference other then price on the chrome and stainless steel? What is the difference in the mm size? Is that the size of the prongs?
I would like to purchase a quick release prong collar for my dog. My question is, what size link should I order for my dog?
The sliding ring on the dominate dog collar stays tight on her throat because of her coat getting stuck in the ring. It seems a bit tight. What do you recommend?
Behind my dogs ears approximately one thumb width is a bony prominence. Should the collar go between the rear of the ear or behind it?
My dog is developing bumps on her neck area & the top of her head. Do you think she could be allergic to the metal in the collar?
How long is the shortest prong collar you have?
Should the dominant dog color be a bit bigger if you use it as a safety with the prong?
My white dog has discolored fur around his collar, will his fur go back to its normal color if I discontinue using the metal prong collar?
After a few minutes with the prong collar, my dog starts to scratch like mad to get it off. Any suggestions on desensitizing him?
I observed that your dog Rush wears a prong collar at some point. Could you tell me please at what stage of training do you decide to start using the prong collar?

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