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Q&A on Prong Collars and Dominant Dog Collars
Can I leave a dominant dog collar on my dog 24/7?
I read that to use the DD collar you lift rather than jerk. However, if you jerk on the prong collar wouldn't that be jerking on the DD collar as well?
I have a question about using a prong collar and I also need some strategy for dealing with my high energy dog in the cold Michigan winter. Can you help?
I’m trying to determine the proper size prong collar to order. Should I buy the 14-inch and add links, or go with the 18-inch and remove links to start?
My dog pulls us while walking on a leash. My trainer suggested to try your Dominant Dog Collar. Is it okay to use on a dog with no aggression?
I am unsure as to how to put on the dominant dog collar.
It feels like we are between link sizes. Due to the snugness… I am finding it difficult to attach the links. How does one determine when to add another link?
My dog whines and whimpers when she sees another dog. I tried using the DD collar and she became quiet. Will this damage her confidence in the long run?
I know the collar is to fit snug behind the ears but to get the collar so it stays up there, it seems like the collar is too tight on her. What are your thoughts?
I was wondering your opinion of using a DD collar for someone that is smaller in stature but has a big dog that pulls? Can one replace a pinch used for pulling, with a DD collar?
I have two pekingese dogs and have breath problems because of their 'pushed inside' nose. Can I use prong collar in this breed? Or is there something else, more appropriate?
I was wondering if there are any special considerations for the breed or other short hair dogs and your collars?
For disciplinary purposes, would you recommend that our dog also wear a prong collar or the dominant dog collar?
I have a Maltese 5yr old and I have a prong collar for training. Is there a correct way the prongs should face when on the dogs neck?
I recently purchased the SS Buckle Prong. My dog is between two link sizes. What should be done about in-between sizes?
Is the dominant dog collar designed to replace the fur saver collar? My club recommended a fur saver rather then a nylon flat buckle collar.
How do you know when the prong collar is too tight?
In one of the DVDs, Ed said to put on all of the collars during training sessions. What order should I go in?
I was wondering if you had any immediate thoughts on martingale flat collars. Are these effective and humane?
I have a 5 year old 3 lb. 4 oz. Yorkshire Terrier. Can you recommend a training collar for this size dog please?

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