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Q&A on Prong Collars and Dominant Dog Collars
I was going to order Cesar Millan's Illusion collar but my friend recommended I get your prong collar. I read about how some dogs got out of the prong which scares me.
Our trainer doesn't allow prongs and likes gentle leaders. What are your thoughts?
I understand the dominant dog collar can take the aggression out of the dog by lifting the dog up but do you do this when the prong collar is ALSO attached?
We have a pomapoo that weighs around 4 lbs and has a very small neck. Do you think your size small will adjust down enough to use for her?
The prongs are I bought are too big, do you think a medium would work better?
Is it necessary to use the dominant dog collar with the prong or could I use a martingale lead?
My dog is between link sizes and I'm not sure what to do. What do you suggest?
I am about to get a 12 week old Cardigan Welsh Corgi male. Would the micro prong collar be correct for this breed, and then just add prongs as he grows?
What size prong collar should I order or do you think I should use one?
Do you know if the medium prong collar is available w/ the loop?
I realized our collar is too loose. What can we do to adjust the size of the collar so that it would stay behind the ears as it is indicated on your photographs?
My dog is dog aggressive and I have questions about a prong collar I bought awhile back. I think it may be too big and I'm not sure if I should just use a dominant dog collar.
My dominant dog collar keeps slipping. What is the best way to determine what size to purchase?
I'm unsure of what size prong to buy my doberman, as she is at the end of the small sized one. Could you help make a suggestion?
Can the prong collar be left on during the day and night or must it be removed after every time using it?
My prong collar just doesn't look like it's on right, even though it is sitting at the correct spot on his neck. Could you describe how to properly size and put one on?
Which prong collar and size would you recommend for our dog?
My dog seems to be 'pouting' and won't play fetch since we've started using the prong collar. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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