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Q&A on Protection Equipment
My young adult dog is targeting the end of the hard sleeve where the jute has no area of hard casing under it. Is there a way to soften a hard sleeve?
Do you have a video specifically for the job of the handler in protection training?
What sleeve would you recommend for a 6 month old Malinois?
Which tug toy would you recommend using with the new Tug DVD?
I just ordered the 20 ft cotton line, but I'm afraid it might not be strong enough for when we get into Schutzhund training?
What sleeve would you recommend for decoying my dobermans?
I'm legally blind and want to train my dog to be my guide and I need some direction with equipment. Do you feel that Aussies can make good protection dogs?
What equipment and videos do you suggest for raising a pup to be a great protection dog?
My 18 month old dog is doing good prey and defense. He is very strong-- too strong for my wife to handle. Can I add control without hurting his drive?


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