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Q&A on Muzzles
I'm thinking about muzzling my dogs while I'm gone, so they can have free roam of the house and not chew thinkgs up. Is it a bad idea to leave a muzzled dog home alone?
My dog gets blisters from the Jafco muzzles. What can I do to pad the muzzle so he doesn't get them?
I have a 13 year old female GSD that has recently been digging up and eating dirt from the yard. Do you have any suggestions as to the length of muzzle I should get?
I have one of your wire muzzles for my dog, can I fasten her leash directly to the muzzle?
My dog eats trash and other dangerous items on our walks, would a muzzle or ecollar be a solution to this problem?
I have a 5 month old dog that eats pebbles and anything else he finds. I’m worried about a bowel obstruction, what can I do?
We're having issues with our pup being more interested in eating snow, than drinking water. We were considering using a muzzle. Any suggestions?
My dog will chew his leash in half during a correction, what should I do?
I was wondering how the wire muzzle would work during the winter months. Wouldn’t the dog’s tongue and/or nose stick to the wire in cold weather?
My dog's snout makes contact with the inside of the muzzle. Is this the proper fit?
I need a type of muzzle for my dogs to keep them from eating potentially harmful things when they are out - what do you recommend?
I am confused whether I would like to purchase the plastic one or fabric for my Lhasa Apso. Could you please help me in choosing the right muzzle for him?
I was wondering if they made any kind of muzzle that my dog could wear during the day that would allow him to still eat and drink.
I have a 2 year old shih tzu who is can be unpredictably aggressive. She weighs about 13 pounds. Would a muzzle be appropriate for her, which one should I use?
We have a 6 year old Male Lahsa Apso. We need to find a muzzle to fit him so that we can bring him to the vet. Any advice as to which would be best for us?
My dog has been chewing on the carpet and his way out of crates. I was wondering if a wire basket type muzzle you carry would work so he could still pant and drink water.
I have a Pekingese, would the Pug-nosed cloth muzzle cover the dog's eyes?
Do you know of a muzzle that is escape-proof?
I want to upgrade to better muzzles to prevent my dogs from fighting. What do you suggest?
I need a muzzle for a situation involving a rescue Bichon who I've adopted and who is a fear biter. What kind of muzzle do you suggest?


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