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Q&A on Leashes and Long Lines
I have 9 week old GSD who chews on all leashes. I need short one for her drag in house. Any recommendations??
I have a few questions about the new prong collar leash, could you please claify a few things for me?
How do you engage the second collar on the long tab of the prong collar leash? And why would you want a two-handled leash?
What products are suitable for cleaning, conditioning and preserving the latigo leather you use in your leads?
I noticed the "Leerburg" stamp on my leash, do you know if anyone can do that with my dog's name? Or do you have any suggestions on how I can brand the leash myself? Also, are they oiled/waterproofed?
When using the dominant dog collar as a prong collar back up, should it be larger than normal so it is not correcting?
Is the Ultra Light Weight Trainers Vest meant to attach dogs to?
I am looking for a 6-10 ft leash that is not hand held. I need a leash for hiking which leaves my hands free for grasping and crawling rocks. Any suggestions?
Our 7 year old dog nipped our 2 year old daughter today. He has been great with kids his entire life. I think he was sleeping and the child fell on him. What should I do?
At state parks we have to keep our dog tied up at all times. Is there a tie that I can wrap around a tree that is safe? Is there another option I am not considering?
Where do I measure my dog for a harness and which tracking line would work the best?


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