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Q&A on Rescue Dogs
My rescued dog grabs my forearm in his mouth and clamps down, usually when we are leaving the house for a walk. Besides a muzzle is there anything you can recommend?
Do you think marker training can be used to rehabilitate fearful feral dogs?
We rescued a 5 year old dog and for the first couple of weeks he was great. He is now growling at my youngest child and it's getting worse. It's hard to know what to do when all the answers I find on your website refer to buying a video. Is there anything you can suggest? We are willing to try anything.
We adopted a 2 year old poodle a couple weeks ago. She’s been growling and has bitten our 6 year old daughter. Can this be dealt with through training?
We have a rescue dog that becomes very anxious & fearful when we are going to put her in a crate, do you have any suggestions?
I rescued a dog who was never leash trained. I am fearful that I will try the wrong technique and cause her to develop an even worse habit. What should I do?
My dog seems stressed when walking in the city. Any advice/insight?
Is my 3 year old Shepherd too old to start training in search and rescue?
My new dog is very nervous around other dogs and tries to attack them. How do you suggest I try to socialize her with other dogs? Is it possible? Would that help or is this some issue from her past that will haunt her forever? What do you suggest?
Our new dog keeps biting at us. Is this fear biting? And how do I correct him when he does this?
How can I tell if he can do Schutzhund work?
I have an 85-lb shelter dog who loves to go after ever cat, squirrel, and yappy dog he sees. I use a prong collar but at my age of 31, I find it painful to control him. Ideas?
We adopted a new dog, he’s bonded with my wife but he runs away from me. How can I win his trust?
The dog I've adoped from the shelter has killed 8 of my neighbor's rabbits, destroyed thousands of dollars in landscaping, and is now attacking me. What should I do?
My rescue dog won't go down the stairs to my basement and I want to take him down there where it's cool so we can play. I don't want to force him, can you help me?
What DVDs would you suggest for the husky that we just brought into our home?
Do you have a video on training for the invisible fence? Or best video I should use to help train my dog to stay in the yard?
We were recently contacted about a pair of 8 week old wolf pups. Now after getting the pups home they are so horrified that they won't come out of the corner. Any suggestions?
I adopted a white GSD mix. Comments from others have made us suspect that he may be a low content hybrid. Should I be overly cautious?
I am considering adopting a 6 month old Doberman Shepherd cross. Would it be a mistake to adopt this dog if I have minimal experience with dogs?


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