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Q&A on Rescue Dogs
I have in the last 2 weeks taken in a rescue Aussie. I'm not sure what else I can do to get her to trust me and be a normal dog. Suggestions?
Last Saturday we picked up an 11 month old Australian Shepherd / Shih Tzu mix from the SPCA after being spayed. Do you think she is the wrong dog for us?
My husband and I adopted a rescue dog last year. He seems to think he owns the neighborhood and is trying to assert his dominance over all other dogs. Why doesn't he do it to all dogs?
We rescued a stray who turned out to be pregnant and now that she has had her puppies is very aggressive around them. What should I do?
I think we went wrong somewhere with introducing our dog and cats. Any advise on where we went wrong and how to fix it?
We rescued a Shepherd a year ago and are now having aggression issues. We don't want to return him to the shelter. Can you help us?
I live in the country and there are many drop-offs. Many counties in this state don't have shelters. What are your thoughts on doing what's right?
We just adopted a GSD that is about 5-6 months old. How do we get her to trust us and bond with her?
I rescued a female Pit who had open sores and Mange all over her body when I got her. We have bonded well, but she is aggressive to strangers and other dogs. What can I do?
We just adopted a 5-6 month old GSD. She is very shy and timid. How can we gain her trust and bond with her?
While out on a walk with our 3 1/2 year-old Lab, he broke his harness and attacked another dog. The dog's owner wants to sue us. What can we do now?
I have a 1 year old rescue that hates the crate and barks the entire time it is in the crate. When we let her out she is wild. What should we do?
I am considering volunteering at our local shelter. The women who runs the shelter trains with clickers and head-harnesses. Does your training comply with these tools?
When I take my dog out to pee and poop, is it right or wrong to giver her a treat for going outside?


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