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Q&A on Therapy, Service & Assistance Dogs
My husband and I will be training a lab puppy to do therapy work. How and when do we introduce our dog to non-handler human interaction in a way that does not undermine your engagement and socialization training?
Are there any videos that can help me teach my dog to alert for seizures?
What characteristics you would advise looking for in a PTSD service dog prospect in a litter of pups?
I have a very anxious WGSD that I would like to train as a service dog. I'm not sure if he can be a service dog away from hom ethough. Any ideas?
I would like to train my own service dog, but cannot find a dog that I get along well with due to a few things. What do you suggest?
We would like to fly our dog out to CA; it was mentioned to us that he could fly with us if he was a service dog or a dog in training. Do you know anything about this?
I've taught my Australian GSD to sit in my class of kids with special needs. This woman mentioned


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