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Q&A on Dominance
I have a dominant, leash reactive dog. In training, does one provide strong correction (fair but firm) or go the engagement route?
How does the prong collar work? Also, my dog lunges at strangers, how can I stop this behavior?
I have a 1 1/2 year old working male Bouvier who is defiant about taking the platz/down command. He knows it, but is giving me the finger. Any ideas?
We have a weak nerve rescue dog that goes after other dogs and some people. She is 4 years old and it seems to be getting worse. What can we do?
I have an 8 month old Boxer who has a very dominant personality. How do I teach my dog that my son and boyfriend are higher up in the pack?
Is it common for a daughter of 18 months want to take over her dam's alpha position who is 4 yrs old?
I'm having problems with my dog and using the electric collar to help control and he has even bit me. What am I doing wrong and what DVD's do you suggest to help with this?
My dog growls at my sons and others who pet him. I don't want this behavior to continue but don't want to be too aggressive in correction and break our bond. Suggestions?
My 4 year old dog bit me this morning. Would training classes or getting him fixed help? I don't want to put him to sleep.
My 18 month old GSD has started to growl at my husband and I. Is it too late to obedience train him? Will it even help?
My Rhodesian Ridge Back pup picks fights with my 9 year old Lab. I am afraid that the baby that I care for will get hurt. What can I do?
My cousin's Westy jumped on my pillow and bit my face the other night. Do you have any advice?
My wife and I have created a dominant dog by how we raised him. We are now afraid that he might hurt our 1 year old daughter. Can he change if my wife and I do?
My 5 month old American Bulldog is constantly challenging the 3 year old Bulldog. How do I stop this?
My trainer thinks that we should put our 2 1/2 year old GSD to sleep because he has bitten me. What do you think?
I am 13 and my 6 year old GSD has recently started growling at me. What should I do?
Our Chihuahua-Poodle has bitten everyone in the house. How much would it cost to shave the dog's teeth of?
I have acquired a 1 year old female that is very dominant. Can you tell me what I need to control her?
Our 17 month old GSD is in quarantine for biting our son. My husband is going to kill this dog when the 10 day quarantine is up. Is there something we can do to save this dog?
My dog attacks me, my family, and anyone else it sees. What can I do?


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