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Leerburg Dog Training Q&A Archive Q&A on Sharp Dogs

Q&A on Sharp Dogs

Q&A on Sharp Dogs

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chow mix dog


Dear Mr. Frawley,

Please forgive me for taking up your precious time but I think that I’m in over my head and don’t know which road to go down with my Mason who is trained to be a Home & Personal Protection Dog.

I purchased this dog from a company located in Petersburg, Michigan thru the internet solely on the owners word that the dog came out of a very good breeding, trained in humane obedience and protection program for 6-8 months, and properly socialized since birth.

My problem is that all of what they had said about the dog is not entirely true. Now, I’m stuck with trying to figure out the best solution to my dog’s problem.

The problem is whenever I bring my dog who is like 80% Defense/20% Prey anywhere like the park, pet store, neighborhood, parking lot, ATM, vehicle, etc. and anyone that comes near me, my dog will growl, bark, and then start biting everywhere only with his front k9’s. Why does he do this? What is the long term solution?

Since two accidents have already occurred, I have been using a Leerburg wire basket muzzle and Dogtra e-collar for corrections and for safety of the public. What I’m asking is that can this 18 months old male German Shepherd who acts like every situation is a “Attack first or I will die” be rehabilitated or retrained to be safe around people in public?

I have read Koehler’s Guard Dog Training methods and not so sure of using them because the are pretty old. I have read yours on “Aggressive dogs” but have not started it until I can get your feed back to this letter.

I really love this dog, he is a well-mannered house dog that loves my parents and me. 

Respectfully Submitted,


This is a genetic issue. The dog has weak nerves – some call them thin nerves.

This dog DOES NOT NEED PROTECTION TRAINING. This is important. The dog has enough defense.

He needs strict obedience training. You need to focus everything on obedience training. The dog needs a prong collar and electric collar training. I would recommend my Basic Dog Obedience DVD – it's 4 hours.

With this dog you should follow the rules of owning a dangerous dog. Don’t take it to these kinds of places (I.E. Petsmart).  Do not let the dog near strangers.

You should also get my DVD on Dealing with Dominant and Aggressive Dogs.

Ed Frawley

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