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Leerburg Dog Training Q&A Archive Q&A on Socializing Dogs

Q&A on Socializing Dogs

Q&A on Socializing Dogs

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  1. Where/how do you suggest getting enough well rounded socialization if you should avoid situations/places that might be unpredictable?

1. Question:

I was reading through your dog bite Q&A in the email newsletter and it brought up a new question for me. We have English Mastiffs and are contemplating the purchase of a Black Russian Terrier.

Regarding the dog bite Q&A that took place in the pet superstore, your response was that you don't take your dogs to places where misinformed people might touch your dog without permission. I know that a BRT will need a lot of continual socialization throughout its life to as many different situations & types of people as possible. Where/How do you suggest getting enough well rounded socialization if trying to avoid situations/places that might be unpredictable? Isn't the point of socialization to have a dog that is comfortable and confident no matter what happens and that through training, the dog will also be under control?

Thanks for your response.



You, like most dog owners, misunderstand the meaning of socialization.

It does not mean interacting with strange people and dogs. It means being comfortable and in control when its in new places.

Socialization does not mean you take a dog to a dog park or a PetSmart. It means you take it to as many new places as possible and get engagement with the dog (get the dog to focus in on you and not on the environment). If the dog is ignoring the environment then you have accomplished your responsibility.

Those who think a dog should interact with other dogs and people lack experience and don’t understand dog training.

This work is started and explained in the DVD I did with Michael Ellis on food, The Power of Training Dogs with Food.

Your question is an excellent question, many people who don’t really understand dog training get confused by this.

Ed Frawley

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