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Focused Heeling with Michael Ellis

04-01-2011 -- 3 Hours, 53 Minutes, 56 Seconds

If you purchase this video as a streaming video, you will receive a coupon code that allows you to purchase the DVD disc for at discounted price.

This is our third in the Michael Ellis series of training DVDs. We feel it's the best one yet. The training information in this video is revolutionary in the world of dog training.

Michael's motivational system of training dogs is based in marker training. You can visit the FREE streaming video section of our web site and listen to Michael's 7 part lecture on his method of dog training.

The foundation for the work in this focused heeling DVD is covered in the 9 1/2 hours of instruction featured in our two earlier DVDs that were done with Michael.

The Power of Training Dogs with Food
The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog

The old "yank and crank" methods of training heeling have gone by the wayside. The fact is a good portion of the training in this DVD can be done without a leash and without corrections. In fact introducing corrections are the very last step in focused heeling.


The Need for Engagement

- When to start training
- Terms of the training

Muscle Memory Heeling

Step 1 - head position along a barrier
Step 2 - Fading the Lure hand
Step 3 - Putting focus on Cue
Leash Pressure

- What when and why to teach your dog to "give to pressure"
- When to start introducing leash pressure
- Training the Back-Up on a verbal cue

Sustained Focus

- Increase the focus and distance of straight line heeling
- Heel off the wall

When to use Food vs a Toy Reward for Heeling

- When and why do you move from a food rewards to a toy rewards
- Choosing the dogs focal point on your body
- How to retrain a dog that has been started in other training systems

Training Turns while Heeling

- When to start training turns
- Use of touch pads in teaching the turn
- Using a physical cue along with a verbal cue in teaching turns
- Left turns
- Right turns
- About turns
Training the Finish

- The types of finishes used in heeling your dog and how they vary
- How to layer teaching the finish into your heeling program

Find the Left Leg

- Fine tune your dogs position by training "Find the Left leg exercises"

Adding Distractions

Outtakes - Otherwise known as "Oooops!! We didn't get that take right!" :-)

We feel that the work in this DVD is revolutionary. I started going to competitive training seminars in 1974 and have never stopped. I have never been exposed to concepts that even come close to the work in this DVD.

Training dogs to give to pressure is revolutionary in the field of dog training. It teaches young dogs how to live with stress. The concept of "learning how to give to pressure" has been around for years in horse training, no one has introduced it into the world of dog training like Michael Ellis.

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Really amazed by the clear, good natured and highly effective ways of Michael Ellis. Tremendously helpful in training my puppy, since no stone is left unturned. I'll watch this one forever, I suspect. Regrettably the audio is almost as bad as the content is good - at some points it's impossible to follow the verbal instructions of M.E.


The content is great. The problem is the quality of the video production. At some points it's so bad and distracting you have a hard time following along.


This is a wonderful video on healing. Detailed information that is very important!
The best part is the section on Leash pressure. My 5 month old German Shepherd pick up very fast.

Thank you


Found your site a couple of months ago and since then I have purchased several videos. The information is very good but the running theme here is the video production is poor. The audio on this video is really not acceptable and the video itself needs improvement. Please hire a professional production company it will make the video in so much better. Again this not a knock on you but it's would help the viewer understand what ME is saying. An example would be in this video peoples heads are constantly cut off, while ME is talking about looking at ur dog but you cant see him doing this. This system is great and so is the information. Yes I would purchase it again. Please fix this

A loyal costumer


This DVD is very useful and provides a good blend of training methods to communicate to the dog what we want.

Unfortunately the audio is a bit too soft; I have the volume pumped up to max on my laptop, volume pumped up in the video player, and the audio is just barely listenable. I cannot hear it if I move away from the laptop.


This is a super DVD that every person interested in dog training must have. All the information and pieces of information that I had in my mind were explained very clear by Michael Ellis. It's a five stars DVD related to information.

A little detail to take care is about audio, not only when the few minutes lacking of audio, the audio quality in all video need to be improved.. maybe, Michael or the main actor should use a better portable microphone, or maybe a headset type microphone just to have a clearer audio.



I have not trained or performed competition heeling before, but I plan to with my current dog. I have found the Micheal Ellis training system to be the most complete available to the general public and recommend a viewer have an understanding of this sytem as part of this training. I felt this video has given me an edge against anyone who does not use Michael Ellis's training system. In addition to the detailed descriptions of multiple phases of training, the viewer is (graciously!) shown multiple handlers making common mistakes. Many of which I would make without this video!

This video is PART of the ME training system. Many of the foundation concepts of the training discussed in this video are covered in detail in the "Power of Training with Food," and "Power of Training with a Tug" videos. Also, the communication system (marker system) used by ME is an essential part of the training.

Knowing heeling is a critical exercise in almost any competition venue, I would highly recommend this video to those using the ME training system. I look forward to competing against those of you who do not.

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