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Q&A with Ed Frawley on a Dog that Doesn't Want to Get in the Car

Posted: 10-09-2013 • Length: 3 Minutes, 21 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience

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4/5 stars

One more suggestion: Our SUV is particularly high off the ground -- much too high to jump into (and especially out of) for our young German Shepherds with developing joints (and also our elderly GSD) so I've found that a high-quality ramp has been invaluable. By initially treating the ramp as a fun agility experience, placing lovely treats distanced apart in small increments, and praising the dog for going up the ramp even part way, getting into the car becomes a fun accomplishment. Even one of our rescue dogs who was desperately afraid someone was going to transport her away from her new secure and loving home, eventually became an expert at getting into and out of the car. One final thought: if you lift a puppy into the car, that puppy will become a heavier dog and, in my case, not someone my back can easily handle. There are solid but light-weight ramps that fold into a pretty manageable size, so this option helps both dog and owner.

5/5 stars

Can you provide a link to the article about x-raying that is mentioned in the video?

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