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Utilizing the Remote Collar For The “Place” Command

Posted: 03-28-2016 • Length: 3 Minutes, 51 Seconds
Categories: E-collars, Leerburg Online University
This short clip is taken directly from Leerburg’s newest online course, Remote Collar Basics with Josh Moran. The video demonstrates how we utilize the remote collar to send a dog to an elevated Kuranda bed. The foundation work taught in this course is going to set your training up for success with this exercise as well as a never ending list of other behaviors that can benefit from the use of a remote collar. The Skills taught in this course are going to teach you what to do prior to introducing the remote collar all the way through conditioning and practical applications.

Students who enroll in the interactive version of this course are going to receive step by step coaching through the material, discussion forums, live chats, and most importantly the student video uploads. The ability to seamlessly upload videos directly from any smart phone allows josh to see your progress and assist you when working through any problems that may arise with your specific dog.

The Remote collar is one of the most useful tools in any dog trainers toolbox. While it is one of the most useful it is also one of the most misunderstood and miss used tools in dog training. This is why we recommend that you learn the necessary skill set prior to diving in head first, which can cause problems that are not easily remedied. This online course is going to give you that knowledge. It is our goal that at the end of this course students will feel comfortable integrating the remote training collar into their training in a fair and methodical manor.

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5/5 stars

Why do you use the collar before giving the command, and not command then collar?

5/5 stars

I like that you explain that you have already shaped the behavior.