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Debunking Prong Collar Myths

Posted: 11-11-2017 • Length: 14 Minutes, 17 Seconds
Categories: Training Equipment
Jeff Frawley comments on some of the goofy comments from Leerburg’s article on how to fit a prong collar. Jeff points out the facts on how animal rights groups and trainers who lack experience in dog training try to mislead the general public on dog training tools like prong collars. Jeff also puts a prong collar on his neck and lets his father (Ed Frawley) clip a leash to the collar and train him to walk on a loose leash.

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5/5 stars

This is why I buy from you guys.

5/5 stars

People don’t know what they are talking about. They think their dogs are kids and try to take care of them as if they were.
If been raising Dobermans for over 30 years and this tool has made my life so much easier. Notice I said tool. Just like every tool learn how to use it correctly. The worst thing you can do is buy a made in China cheap piece of junk by that I mean that the prongs are actually sharp and not rounded off. Basically what I mean is don’t buy it at big box stores.

5/5 stars

Excellent rebuttal & explanation on how a prong collar works.
Also as it's Veterans Day, I want to acknowledge Jeff's service and thank him sincerely from my heart.

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