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K9 Unit Insulated Water Bottle

Posted: 11-24-2018 • Length: 47 Seconds
Categories: Training Equipment

The K9 UNIT is designed to be quick and easy to use, while at the same time economical, allowing unused water to be poured back into the container. It has a simple twist-top lid which also doubles as a bowl, providing ease and efficiency for both dog and handler. The lid also features a wide trough for larger dogs.

Inside is a silicone gasket for spill-proof storage and on the outside is a hook-loop to allow the bottle to be securely tied to a belt or bag. The material is made of 100% BPA free plastic cap and food-grade stainless steel, from rugged and stout one-piece mold for increased durability. The thick outer silicone shell helps dampen sound and resist impact, while at the same time providing adequate insulation.

PLEASE NOTE: The grip texture of the silicone outer shell does not play well with the NEOSLING bottle holder, as it will not slide in and out of the pocket easily.

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