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Michael Ellis' Philosophy of Dog Training

Posted: 01-01-2008 • Length: 1 Hour, 23 Minutes
Categories: Basic Obedience, Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis’ philosophy on dog training is something that all dog trainers, and owners for that matter, should listen to. This video was filmed at a seminar held by Leerburg a few years ago. We like to periodically feature it in our newsletter for those of you who are new to Leerburg and have not had a chance to listen to this yet.

Michael Ellis is one of the most respected dog trainers in the United States. Leerburg has produced a series of DVDs as well as online course with Michael. Michael understands the theory of how dogs learn better than almost any other trainer in the world. His contributions to the world of dog trainer are unmatched. His entire training system begins with his philosophy of how to train and how dogs learn.

And for those of you who have been following Leerburg for several years here is your chance to listen to a little bit of the fiddle music from our earlier videos...

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5/5 stars

so many gems of information here, its ridiculous. What a legend

5/5 stars

Michael Ellis is an awesome trainer I have learned so much from you. Thank you, friend.....

5/5 stars

Great Information, I hope to one day attend his school and pick his brain & learn.

5/5 stars

Detailed, thoughtful explanations and examples.

5/5 stars

Excellent. I've been clicker/marker training since 1998 and this is the best video I've seen on marker training.

5/5 stars

This video was FANTASTIC... but there is a loop from approximately 00:52: - 01:02. He answers the first two questions twice. At first, I thought it was my player, but it did it again the second time I went through the section... but this is a GREAT training video, even with the blip of repeat.

5/5 stars

Great information, I could not get enough. I love the way he can explain the skills or methods of dog training. A skill that many trainers are unable to do, make it a way people can understand and learn from it. Loved this video!!!

4/5 stars

Good info, please please please change the music!!! At least turn it down so it doesn't wake the whole house up when the videos start.

5/5 stars

Already watched Training Dogs with Food and learned even a few more things in this free video. I would suggest adding the good stuff in the paid for videos as well. :) Both great videos and essential to starting this process.

5/5 stars

This is a gret intro video for beginners or experienced dog handlers, I've watched it several times now but I'd like to ask you after this video what would you recommend to watched next?

5/5 stars

I immediately started using different "no's," "good" and "yes." My communication with my dogs has never been better and I will continue to improve it. I'm now in the process of purchasing the "Establishing Pack Structure with Your Puppy," which will be followed by "The Power of Training Dogs with Food" and "The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog." At that point I'll move on to the "The Power of Training Dogs with Markers" followed then by "Focused Heeling" and "Basic Dog Obedience." After that, the sky is the limit!!!

5/5 stars

WOW! Honestly one of the best videos I've seen for handlers! Like someone simply explained ABCs of communication. I will watch this again. Like Michael says easier to understand the language than to actually practice it well.....thanks so much!!

5/5 stars

This video was extremely helpful. I especially found the explanation of when to use markers helpful. Michael clearly drew the destinction between the marker used for completion and release as well as the one that tells the dog it is doing the correct behavior and needs to continue. No one has ever delineated the difference for me so precisely before. Also, telling the truth about the use of corrections when needed was unusual. Often trainers will take either the position that positive motivation is the only technique or the complete opposite which advocates punitive responses with no rewards. This trainer explained the appropriate use of both rewards and corrections and gave specific examples.

5/5 stars

I really like Michael's approach to training dogs. He explains it in a very easy to understand manner. It gives a good idea of what to expect in the other videos. I tried some of the techniques that Michael talks about in the video on my dog. I was able to get my dog to focus on more detail with tricks he already knows.

5/5 stars

Excellent Intro

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