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High Puppy Expectations

Posted: 07-12-2012 • Length: 4 Minutes, 59 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Management, Puppies
Ed Frawley answers a question from a Leerburg customer, who has a new puppy, that is expecting too much from her pup at a very young age. Ed explains why she should re-evaluate her expectations and training. He explains how she can back off a little and allow the pup to be a puppy while still doing things that will motivate her puppy to want to learn.

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5/5 stars

There are a couple of great concepts presented in this 'answer' video to a puppy question. Sometimes, even the smallest 'tip' can progress your training to the next level. I realized that I was expecting too much from my puppy and am motivated to watch some of the suggested videos.

5/5 stars

We have a 6 week old adopted yellow Lab. mix - how do we find a video - or what video would you recommend for us?

He's nipping and jumping on us and or cat & mini schnauzer - so she wants nothing to do with him!

We are having a puppy play date @ our house in 2 weeks with his sisters & brother littermate, so he can play & romp.

Appreciate any ideas you might have as 'new parents'!!

judy & terry bean

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