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Posted: 02-04-2013 • Length: 1 Minute, 54 Seconds
Categories: Basic Obedience, Management
Michael Ellis discusses the importance of establishing a relationship with your dog before training. In this short video he discusses the impact a pre-established relationship can have on police dogs prior to training.

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5/5 stars

Dear Ed and Michael, I appreciate the story relayed in the "relationship" video but find it interesting that it SEEMS to contradict Ed's advice in the Pack Structure information. I believe Ed advises to act "cool" toward a new dog and NOT to play or give much, if any, affection for the first few weeks as he is establishing himself as pack leader and dog as follower. So for the police dog handlers to do nothing but play and give food right away - wouldn't that offer at least the opportunity for these powerful police dogs to get the wrong idea and think that they are pack leader?

Thanks for clearing up my confusion if possible.

Thanks for your website
Maureen (a learner)

5/5 stars

Very interesting. I personally feel that without care and respect for my dog and my dog's care and respect of me we don't have anything of value. This video confirms this transfers to the working dog world as well.

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