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Q&A on Recall and Come
My terrier mix is really hard to train and he won't come when called! He likes toys, what kind of tug will hold his interest?
My dog gets the 'zoomies' at the agility field and it is impossible to catch her. She also will only play tug indoors, not outside. Can you help me?
I have a few obedience titles on my Havanese but I'm having problems keeping him with me when he's off lead in the show ring. He won't come to me when he's off leash outside. Suggestions?
I've been told by some trainers that I can use the remote collar on my new dog the day I get the collar & I only need to leave it on for one hour before using it. Is it necessary to leave the collar on for 2 weeks before using it?
My dog pays too much attention to the neighbor dogs behind the fence and he won't come when I call him. I need to work on his recall, do you have any suggestions? Do you recommend a tug toy?
Do you have any info on teaching a dog to respect the road and avoid cars?
I’ve been using the ecollar for recalls and for sit stays, my dog now sits and stays when I nick him with the collar. Any advice?
How do you introduce a puppy to a flock of chickens?
My 1 year old dog has regressed with the recall command. When I give my dog the come command he sprints in circles around me and won’t come. Should I give him a correction?
Our dogs fence fight with the neighbor's loose dogs that are actually on our property. Might pepper spray be justified in our situation? What would you suggest?
I hike with my dog off leash. If I don't get him when we approach another dog, he runs at them and barks. He doesn't listen to me when I tell him to come. Is this because he doesn't look at me as Alpha? Any ideas?
My mother has a problem with training the two dogs she did not have from puppies. She's a good trainer. What's your opinion?
My dog comes in fast but always sits crooked. Any suggestions?
My 11 month GSD went after a deer and was gone for 15 minutes. What should I do?
My dog is obedience trained but it will not come when it sees another dog. What can I do
My dog will occasionally break a recall, maybe 1 in 10 times. What can I do?
My 1 year old dog comes slowly when I call her. What can I do to increase her speed on the recall?
My dog will not come when it does not have the long line or the prong collar on. She plays keep away. What should I do?
My dog will not come when I take the leash off. I think I have created this problem, but don’t know how to fix it...?
How do I get my dog to respond to me and come back when I call her, especially outdoors?


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