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Q&A on Competition Obedience
What is the youngest one should put a pup on a helper?
I’m trying to get my dog to heel and I’m stuck! He’ll sit and look at me and when I move forward he stays where he is.
My dog has his CDX title and when I take him in the trial ring, he loses all focus. He’s great in training. Do you have any ideas?
I have a question on the leash pressure section in 'Focused Heeling'
I've been working my 17 week old GSD pup on eye contact while heeling but he's not doing it all the time especially when we are moving. What should I do different?
Once we step in the ring and the leash comes off, my dog acts like she's never heeled in her life. She whines and won't pay attention in the ring, do you have any suggestions?
My dog is so distracted away from home that I can’t get him to perform with energy and drive, what can I do?
I have been doing everything in my power to desensitize\socialize my dog and it doesn't seem to be going well. With a dog like this, would I ever be able to compete?
My dog is not very toy motivated, and I've been trying to teach him to fetch as a game to get him some more exercise. Do you have any suggestions?
Could you please give me some in-sight on the term HDD (handler dependent dog).
My 8 month old Mal really slams into me when we are working on recalls. He has knocked me down and hurt me a couple of times. What can I do to slow him down?
I am having a problem getting my dog to sit straight in front of me after he returns with the dumb bell. What can I do?
Can I add drive to my dog?
Do you like to use a Tug or a ball for a reward in obedience?
Can you tell me how long I should train my dog in obedience when I take him out for training and how to organize the sessions?


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