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Recently Added Q&As
Any advice on how to socialize a 12 week old GSD and 8 month old Dachshund safely?
Looking for information/article/video on teaching our dog to out an object.
What are the best treats to use when training heeling? I want a treat that will be light and not fill the dogs.
Should I take my dog for a loose leash walk first before our training sessions?
Which DVDs/courses should I watch to develop a good protection dog?
I have a 3 year old GSD male who failed his first OFA hip exam, mostly because of poor positioning in the xray. Is walking good to help strengthen his hips?
My dog obsessively marks outside when we go for walks. Any suggestions?
Any time my dog gets approached by an off leash dog during our walks, he wants to run away. How can I teach him to hold his ground?
I notice when I work with my dog and feed him with his head up high in the heel position, he eats the treat head down in order to swallow which breaks up our momentum. What am I doing wrong? Or how is that fixed?
We will be moving overseas to Japan (military) with our dog. Any tips in general and any favorite pet shippers?
Do any of your videos deal with building food drive in a dog that doesn’t have a great appetite?
I'm taking a Rally class and they recommended using a thin leash. I like the Leerburg Leather Leashes, so do you have a leash that would fit my needs?
What does it mean on the Keeper Collar page when it says to not 'try out'?
What do you suggest for training a 9 month old Lab who jumps on people when they first come in the house?
Should I keep my 8 month old GSD away from group classes or should we participate even if it means a whole lot of corrections with the prong?
Could you recommend a prong collar to help with my 8 month old Rottweiler that pulls on walks?
My doberman holds the tug by the handles instead of the bite area. How can I stop him from playing with the handles?
How do I redirect my 8 week GSD puppy when she tries to chew and tug with the blanket under her ex-pen?
Over the last two years, our dog has become increasingly yappy. Should we considered a training collar, or is there something else we should try?
What DVD would you recommend to help me learn how to deal with a dog that has crazy resource guarding habits?


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