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Low Level Stimulation and Myths About Remote Collars

Posted: 06-08-2012 • Length: 9 Minutes, 57 Seconds
Categories: E-collars
Most people do not know how to properly use a remote collar, or as some refer to an electric dog collar. In this short video, Ed Frawley will explain how to properly set the stimulation level to train your dog using low level stimulation.

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5/5 stars

I easily rate this 5 stars of 5. Here is why: Ed Frawley makes a practical joke to take the tension off the viewer. That is not something to ignore... it means he is a professional who understands the pervasive fear, ignorance, and lack of understanding about remote collars ('e-collars').
In dog rescue and training in Richmond, VA the lack of accurate information is astonishing. The very folks who want the best for dogs assume and believe the worst they have heard (not seen) about e-collars. This one video can literally change the life of dog owners and handlers because it can open up a useful and affordable device to do training not available in other ways.

Rich P.
5/5 stars


I watched your newsletter video on remote collar training this morning. I purchased a Dogtra collar from Leerburg several years ago, and when I got it I "tested" it on several friends and family members. I discovered that there is a wide variation of sensitivity to the collar. Some people could feel the stimulation at a setting of 5, others couldn't feel it until 20. I found with my dog that his sensitivity varies depending on his drive level. The higher the drive level, the more stimulation is required for him to react to it. The neighbor has three Italian Greyhounds that will bark at my dog from the fence. If we catch our dog looking that way a low stimulation (even just a page) will turn his attention away from them. If his ears go up and he's on his feet running to the fence we have to use a higher stimulation to get his attention.

I mentioned the page. We didn't train this, but for Hans it is like what you described as a tap on the shoulder. We have a 25' x 25' area in our backyard that is his bathroom area. We have a "go potty" command, we let him outside and tell him "go potty" and he heads to his area to do his business. But sometimes he gets distracted, or stops to roll in the grass or sniff... whatever he finds to sniff. If we are in a hurry a page will get his attention and he'll stop what he is doing and head to his area to do his business.

I would like to complement you on the quality of your news letter videos. It is apparent that you have put a lot of effort into improving the production values. And you are looking good, I think you have lost some weight over the past couple of years.

Have a good day!

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