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Most Popular Questions - Users Found These Most Helpful
I am an obedience instructor and have a very large Cane Corso in my class. I'm unsure of what type of training collar to use.
I tried a Walmart e-collar on the highest setting, but it didn't work. Which of your e-collars would you sugges?
I want to start marker training, which DVDs should I get? And what can I be doing until I get them?
I got a large prong collar for my dog and it slips down his neck during walking and training. If I take a link out, it seems too tight. Should I consider getting the chain portion of the collar shortened?
Our puppy is very, very mouthy. It grabs my kids, my arms, my pants. What should I do to stop this?
Is there any reason why the thick haired contact points can be felt at such a lower level?
My dog does great with obedience work at home, but at the Schutzhund club she has a hard time paying attention to me. What do you suggest?
I've been training my dog in schutzhund, but she is terrified of the starter pistol noise. What would you suggest I do to turn this around?
What supplements should I use for a dog with hip dysplasia?
At what age, do you recommend that I begin feeding my puppy bully sticks?
Is there a way to keep a K9 service dog sharp for work, yet be sociable with family members?
My GSD won’t play with any of her toys, but only wants attention from me. How do I get her attention off of me and on her toys? Can I use food to train her?
If I establish pack leader authority with my dog, will it help his aggressive tendencies to stop?
Here is a person who is doing almost everything wrong and is going to get bit.
I rarely see breeds other than german shepherds in Schutzhund. Do you think my standard poodle could get involved in the sport? It has an excellent nose and does very good obedience.
Our 17 month old GSD is in quarantine for biting our son. My husband is going to kill this dog when the 10 day quarantine is up. Is there something we can do to save this dog?
What age do you suggest electric collars for training?
I have a 3 year female that just had her second litter. She killed 6 and would have killed them all if I had not have intervened. Why did she change?
What is the recommended age to with a puppy to start using the electronic training collar?
My dog hid in the bushes after I used the electric collar the first time, did I completely screw this up?


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