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Q&A on Marker Training
I read an article that says using a 'no reward marker' is aversive to dogs and doesn't help tell the dog that they did not succeed or did something wrong. What are your thoughts on the matter?
I'm actively working with my puppy on marker and engagement skills. Do I just keep doing as I'm doing?
My dog becomes aggressive when I board him and my vet prescribed Prozac. I'm not really comfortable with this. What would you suggest?
I learned the 'European methods' of working dog training in my early years, and now reading the articles and seeing the videos of your methods of dog training, I need help in how to fix the bond damage caused by them. How can I correct/mend/repair my relationship with the dogs?
My trainer and I disagree on using markers while teaching nosework. What are your thoughts?
Do you have a snap lock collar for the Educator ecollars instead of the regular buckle collar? Our dog jumps and bites us anytime we try to approach him so we are having a hard time putting collars on him.
I have a stubborn puppy who refuses to walk on the lead. Is it just his age? Is he genuinely too young and scared of the outside world? Or is he playing on my love and gullibility?
I have a 5 month old male GSD that is aggressively biting me and spinning to get away when I hold on to his collar. I have tried many different corrections but it just seems to make the situation worst. What would you suggest?
I tried to teach my dog a marker for "slow" on loose leash walks. I think he is now doing it on purpose to get the food. Are my assumptions correct in saying this will not work? Or am I impatient?
After teaching my dog stay I use a release word okay then my marker yes with a treat am I doing this wrong. What about when a dog is in stay and your about fifteen feet away from him and want him to call him, Fido Come does he not get confuse without using a release word before the word come?
After marking a behavior with yes my dog will look for the reward/treat. Is it ok if she looks for the reward after the mark?
Do you think you will ever make a DVD that helps you introduce the 'Ellis Method' to an already trained adult dog?
I'm trying to teach my dog hand signals, but he won't look at me. I appreciate any help.
My dog sometimes growls at me when I clip his nails or pet him. Do you have any good articles on this subject?
Can a dog build tolerance to the prong? What's your recommended action to resolve this? Should I work on my level of corrections when he pulls and use a higher level?
Do you address teaching behaviors that are needed for the show ring on any of your videos?
Do you have any suggestions for training a deaf dog? Would Michael Ellis’s methods work?
I have a 2-year-old neutered male sheltie. He has a lot of drive and he is impatient and does everything fast and
I need some clarification on the release in marker training. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations?
When training dogs to an invisible fence, should I “mark” when they turn towards the safe part of the yard?

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