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Q&A on Marker Training
We are unsure if our dogs understand that YES means they are released. They know it means a reward is coming but how do we know if they understand the release?
I want to train my dog to the whistle, would the marker DVD be helpful?
When adding the command to a signal in marker training, do you do the signal and then say the word?
My 10 month old Rottweiler is being trained with Michael Ellis’s methods. When my dog doesn't do his positions, how should I correct him? How can I motivate him too?
I'm confused about the release in marker training, can you please explain it briefly?
I purchased both Training with Markers and Training with Food DVDs. Which should I do first? Is there one that will make the other more understandle?
My dog is taking rally classes. At home, she runs like a bullet but in class, isn't motivated. She won't engage with me anymore unless we're playing with toys. Help?
My dog doesn't respond to marker training so how can I correct her from unwanted behaviors?
Do you use a shake can for training (a coke can with pennies in it)? Also, how do you teach the retrieve?
My young dog is trying to bite me if I block her from having something that she wants. I don’t use a long line anymore because she gets tangled in it, what should I do?
I’m trying to teach my puppy the place command and he’s avoiding the “place” What can I do?
I want to change my marker from a click to the word YES, how do I do that?
I have a small problem with my Doberman, when I give the command down, he drops but starts to whine(cry) non stop. Is there a solution for this?
Is it possible to be sufficiently aloof but still provide some form of training during Phase 1, or should this phase have absolutely limited interaction?
I have a Neapolitan Mastiff who hates water. I would like him to be able to get in the water. Is there some way I can get him more comfortable with the water?
My dog will not let me touch his paws or ears for cleaning/checking. How should I approach this issue?
My dog is the greatest little show man in the world except for the judge's exam. The judge was a new provisional judge and scared him to death. We've had problems ever since
If you correct your dog for unwanted behavior and he complies but starts to whimper and whine to express frustration, should this be tolerated or corrected?
My puppy is more interested in everything except retrieving, is there an easy solution to this?
I have a 5 year old Lab. She has learned a lot of obedience but refuses to return the ball or whatever we use for fetch. She wants to play keep away.

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