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Q&A on Health
Can you tell me a little about Adequan? I heard it is an injectable polygycosaminoglycans that can help dogs with joint pain.
I have been offered a dog with MEGAESOPHAGUS. I am not familiar with this problem. Should I take the dog. It is an 11 week old GSD.
My dog was shaved in May and the hair has not grown back. Can you help me?
My 5 month old GSD is constantly itching. What can I do?
Where can I find other resources for information on all-natural diets?
What is your feeling of Rimadyl?
Our 1-year-old dog has food related allergies. Our vet recommended a new Science Diet food-z allergy formula. What do you think?
My 4 month old GSD has dry flaky skin. My vet recommended a special shampoo. What do you think?
We have a six month old dog. When we are feeding her normal portion of dog food, she starts to cry with her head down, and running around in distress. What do you think of this?
I have always heard that feeding your dog chicken bones is not safe. Now everyone is talking about the natural diet and feeding chicken necks and back. Is it safe?
My 3 year old dog has developed allergy type problems with his ears and skin. My vet recommended a fish and potato diet. This is not working. What else can I do?
My dog has worn the hair off the tip of his tail. The skin is bleeding because tail has been caught in the two way doors of my kennel. I cannot get it to heal. Can you help?
My dog has chronic ear infections. We clean with Otoclear and Otomax, the dog still has problems. Can you recommend anything?
My dog is eating a natural raw diet, she does not have fleas, and she scratches her ears and has itchy patches. Sometimes even scratching her muzzle. What can I do?
I have a 9 month old Bull mastiff that is afraid to get into my utility vehicle. What should I do?
My dogs stay in outside runs with dog houses. When is it unsafe to leave them in the cold?
My police service dog has prostrate problems. My vet recommended neutering. What is your opinion and will this effect his working ability?
We found a puppy in the middle of the road a few weeks ago and he is blind and deaf. We are having problems housebreaking him. What should we do?
I have to put my 6-month old dog asleep today because of bad hips. How can I avoid this again?
Can dogs get depressed over the loss of another dog?

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