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Recently Added Q&As
Is it a bad idea to give my puppy beef bones with baby teeth?
My dog barks obsessively in his crate when I take my other dog out. Any suggestions on what I can do?
At what age, do you recommend that I begin feeding my puppy bully sticks?
I have an 11 month old GSD that hasn’t been socialized much. He is too old for the puppy video you have and was wondering is it too late to train him for good socialization skills?
My German Shepherd puppy literally has to be under me ever second I am around. Can you suggest any corrective measures I can take or will he be fine being that completely dependent on me?
We are struggling with building up the confidence of our 9 month old puppy. Where is the best place to start?
I was wondering if you could provide some more information about the Michael Ellis On the Road event that is being held at Leerburg in December.
How much of a difference does delaying training impact the overall results?
I have a GSD who can be quite reactive when on-leash and who tends to ‘check out’ on walks. I’m wondering whether a prong collar would help with this kind of behavior?
What do you recommend when your dog "hand mugs"?
Should I have eye contact in competition Long Sit and Down Stays?
How do you reward your dog if they offer a behavior before luring/gesturing?
At what age should puppies start to run?
Do you have any videos for working with super high energy dogs?
My dog seems stressed when walking in the city. Any advice/insight?
What age do you suggest electric collars for training?
How do you encourage and maintain engagement when you don't have food/toys?
What is the difference between a Video On Demand Stream and an Online Course?
Any advice on how to socialize a 12 week old GSD and 8 month old Dachshund safely?
Looking for information/article/video on teaching our dog to out an object.


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