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Recently Added Q&As
My dog has low food drive, a sensitive stomach and zero toy drive. I need to build engagement and I’m hoping one of your videos will help.
At what age do you start introducing leash pressure to a puppy? And what equipment do you use?
My dog is excited and reactive to most dogs when she’s on lead, she wants to say “hi”. No one has been able to help me eliminate this behavior completely, do you have any advice?
Our GSD has always barked when he hears noises outside but now when he hears something he quickly goes after our other dog as if she were the threat. How can I get him to stop associating our other dog with noises he hears outside?
I have a question about using the collar for the recall, specifically after watching Training the Recall with Michael Ellis.
If I do protection sports (Schutzhund/IGP) with my German Shepherd is it going to make him aggressive to strangers? He’s currently a very friendly dog and I don’t want to ruin that.
I purchased a 2 year old dog that is already trained & has a BH in IPO but I am new to the sport. One of my club members suggested I go back to basics and start with food training even though the dog is more advanced. Do you have any advice?
I read your article about dog parks and completely agree, do you have the same feeling about doggy daycare
I'm having a hard time switching from food to toy rewards, do you have any suggestions?
How should I react to my 5 month old puppy who bites and growls at me when I correct him with a verbal "nope"?
Any suggestions for a 1 year old lab that engages well, takes the tug on command, and enthusiastically plays and outs well but will not bring the tug back to me?
I read an article that says using a 'no reward marker' is aversive to dogs and doesn't help tell the dog that they did not succeed or did something wrong. What are your thoughts on the matter?
My puppy has began resource guarding. How do I stop this?
How do I teach the stay command to my dog?
At what age can I run or jog with my puppy? Is fetch also considered running?
How do I get my dog to stop barking every time someone passes my apartment door?
At what age should a Schutzhund puppy be introduced to burlap?
My 17 month old dog has travel anxiety, can I use an e-collar to help this?
I have a GSD who can be quite reactive when on-leash, I’m wondering whether a prong collar would help with this kind of behavior?
How can I improve my dog's food drive and motivation?


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