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Decoy Work with Kevin Bain

Posted: 06-08-2015 • Length: 1 Minute, 14 Seconds
Categories: Protection Work
Last week, Kevin Bain stopped by Leerburg to do some Decoy work with Cindy Rhodes young Malinois, Favor. Favor learned a ton, and we had a great time over 2 days of training. Kevin is a very talented decoy and trainer who is doing some very impressive work in the sport of Mondio Ring. If you train in ring sports and ever have an opportunity to work with Kevin, you will not be disappointed. Not only has Kevin trained and titled his own dogs at the highest level, he has assisted several other people, and more importantly, dogs, to work through some road bumps along their path to a ring 3 title. We also had the opportunity to test out a new suit while Kevin was here. The 2nd part of this video is of Jeff Frawley working a German Shepherd in a new “one size fits all” suit. This was the first time taking a bite on this new suit so it is a bit stiff yet.

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