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Q&A on Raising a Working Puppy
I like the way your dog works and I think I would like a Malinois for my next dog. What do you think?
I am on the engagement stage of my dog. How should I handle my GSD with friends and other dogs?
My GSD won’t play with any of her toys, but only wants attention from me. How do I get her attention off of me and on her toys? Can I use food to train her?
I sit a problem if we choose to raise a pure working dog as a family pet with agility and obedience training rather than for competition? How would we go about this?
How much work can a young dog do without being physically or mentally stressed?
I have a question about training my working puppy to bark. What command should I use? I want to train him for protection work.
My pup shows aggression towards me by growling and showing avoidance. What can I do to create a bond between us?
What's the deal with having the dogs return on recall to 'between the legs' facing forward? Is this a new fad or what?
I’m getting a new puppy and it’s my first working dog, I have a lot of questions and I’m hoping you can give me a timeline on how to work with my pup.
If I want my dog to see me as the pack leader, can I teach him to pull me skijoring? Some trainers say you always need to be in front of your dog in order to be the leader.
I’ve been running my 16 week old GSD next to my bike, is this suitable exercise for a puppy?
Should I play tug with my puppy while he's teething?
I have a 2 story house, is it OK for me to let my 8 week old pup go up or down the flight of stairs (about 20 of them) on leash - will this have the potential to mess up his hips and elbows?
I am a bit confused compared to what I was told by others for Schutzhund Sport Dog. I was told don't control the young dog until it is 1 year old because it will suppress the drive.
I know you should not leave toys with a working dog according to 'Raising a Working Puppy.' Are there any items I can leave with the puppy while in his crate for a hours at a time?
I have a dobe pup that has just started her first heat cycle. All she does is sniff the ground and look everywhere but at me. Is this normal for their first cycle?
I purchased 'How to Raise a Working Puppy.' I want to build their drive; I'm concerned that the 'Drive & Focus' video won't help. What am I not doing? Or what should I be doing?
I need to know the basics on how to get my two pups acclimated to increase their drive and educate myself on how to schutzhund train. What do you recommend from your video line?
My name is Kipp, I am about to get my very first Doberman Pincher puppy. I just finished the
I bought a doberman to show but made the decision to start working him. I quickly realized I had over


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