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Q&A on Basic Puppy
My 6 month old pup is now in the correction phase of training behaviors. He often lays down when I ask for a sit after receiving a correction. Do you have any suggestions?
How do you deal with the owners of loose dogs that charge up to your puppy?
Is my 6 month old Corgi puppy dominant or does she just lack training?
I'm getting a new Black Russian Terrier pup and I've been told that a lot of your methods won't work for this breed of dog. Do you have any experience with this breed?
We have 2 four month old puppies and the Golden Retriever is beating up on the Cavalier. Help!
A prominent dog trainer told me that if a female dog trainer raised a male puppy for him it would cause problems later when the puppy comes back to live with the male owner. Have you heard of this?
I am puppy sitting for a Rottweiler puppy & he's very nice until you pick him up and try to cuddle him. He has quite a temper and tried to bite my face. Are these signs of an aggression problem?
Is it ok to let our new poodle puppy sleep in our bedroom in his crate his first few nights?
My 5 month old Dutch Shepherd becomes aggressive and bites me at times, I've tried alpha rolling but that makes him more aggressive. Do you have any suggestions?
My 10 month old GSD is biting my ankles and jumping up and grabbing the leash on walks. How do I correct this?
I have a 7 week old Doberman puppy who isn't growing like the others in his litter and he makes a weird sound in his throat. Any ideas?
My question is regarding playing tug with your pup vs correcting the pup for inappropriate mouthiness when you are not playing. How do you teach the pup to differentiate?
My 13 week old pup has so much energy & I'm paranoid about hip dysplasia, should I be restricting her exercise?
I have 9 week old GSD who chews on all leashes. I need short one for her drag in house. Any recommendations??
I have 2 puppies (age 6 months and 3 months) and everyone seemed to think this was a good idea. They are fighting quite a bit and I'm not sure what to do. Should I give one pup to a friend or is there hope?
Can you give me your honest opinion on a puppy I plan on importing to my country?
My 3 month old puppy is lunging at my face and redirecting doesn't work. She also jumps at the side of her ex pen constantly. I'm raising this puppy for protection and schutzhund. Nothing I do is making a lasting impact, suggestions?
If my puppy refuses a command, do I say NO or just lure him into the position I asked for?
I've had several people tell me that my 9 week old lab is too young to go for walks. Do you agree?
Are the training rules you use when raising puppies less strict for 30-40 pound dog that will be a family companion only?


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