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Q&A on Basic Obedience
I am hearing impaired and have some serious concerns about my two dogs when they meet strangers and other dogs on our walks. Can you offer some advice?
My 11 month old GSD has crazy prey drive. I am having trouble controlling his nipping when he plays in the backyard. What should I do?
My East German bloodline male continues to jump on me. He has knocked me down several times. What should I do?
I have a problem with my dog doing a long down. It won’t stay when I move away from him. What should I do?
Our new dog is constantly sticking its head under the back yard fence and barking at the neighbor’s dog. Any ideas of what we can do?
My fiance is inconsistent with reinforcing obedience training. Do you have any suggestions?
My dog is obedience trained. His problem is that he knows when the leash or long line are on and will mind, but gets stubborn when the leash is off.
My dog loves a ball. He won’t perform a down stay when I throw a ball. Should I use an electric collar?
My 2 labs have started chasing “game” while on walks. What could we do to stop this?
My dog goes wild when I praise him. How can I calm him down?
My 8 month old dog growls when you go near his food. How should I deal with this?
When my 4 month old GSD sees other dogs, his hair stands up, he barks low, and sways his tail back and forth. Is this normal?
My dog chases cars and bikes and doesn’t come when called...?
I am having a problem with the recall on my young dog.
My German shepherd doesn’t obey my wife. What can we do?
My dog has great prey drive. He loses focus when I try to use a toy for a reward. Should I correct him?
Can a person train a dog in 3 weeks?
What do I do if my dog howls when a family member leaves the house?
I have an 18 month old dog that refuses to sit or down. What can I do?
I sent my 8 month old female German Shepherd to a professional for advanced training. She doesn’t have much drive for the retrieve, should I send her back?

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