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Q&A on Basic Obedience
Our 11 month old shepherd will not do a “down stay” and he seems to be very dominant. What shall we do?
I have a serious problem with my dog coming when called.
Laney has many annoying habits such as: constant licking or jumping on us. She can’t ever just sit or lay by us when we watch TV or talk.
I love to play frisbee with my dog but it won’t bring it back to me. Should I do a forced retrieve?
Should I take my dog to obedience classes or should I train it myself?
I have made almost every mistake possible when buying a pup. Now I need your help!
My dog takes food off the table and cupboard. Can you help?
My 18 month old dog chases my horses and won’t stay on our 2. 5 acres of property - help!
Our dog chases children on bikes and is overly protective of myself and my husband. Is this is a concern?
Our 1 year old dog is obedience trained but we can’t keep him off the furniture. What can we do?
I have a 10 month old Rot that always grabs the leash and acts threatening when I try to stop it. What should I do?
Your training tapes seem to be aimed at large dogs. I have a very small dog. Would your methods work with smaller dogs? Do I need to make any adjustments?
Our two 9 month old dogs bark when we let them out in the morning. The neighbors are threatening legal action. What can we do?
I have a 7 month old male. He is very submissive and is doing very well overall. Do you think for someone like me your basic DVD would be recommended?
I rescued an 8-yr-old dog about 1 month ago. He destroys the house when I'm gone. Should I crate him or is he too old?
I have a 10 week old American Pitbull Terrior. He is very aggressive toward strangers already. Should I be concerned?

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