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Q&A on Basic Obedience
When my lab sees birds he runs off and will not come back. I think prong collars are not humane. What can I do?
I started training my 5 month old pup using food. I think that may have been the wrong thing to do. Am I right?
I train for 10 to 20 minutes every day and I am having problems teaching my dog to walk next to my knee in a heel position. What can I do?
What do you think of halti's?
Should my wife and I both obedience train our dog at the same time?
When we walk our 8 month old dog she pulls us down the street when we get near a house that she knows there is another dog at. Can a HALTIE solve our problem?
When our dog gets out of the yard, we need to chase it around the block with our car until it tires out. Then it will jump in the car. How do we keep him in the yard?
Do you train with e-collars?
My 6 month GSD was sent to an outside trainer. Now it never minds. I train it an hour a day and it still has problems. What can I do?
I have been sending my 2 year old dog out for training since it was 6 months old. It still does not mind. What can I do?
What is the best way to teach a puppy the “stay” command?
My dog lays down when I ask her to sit. What should I do?
My dog is doing well in obedience but 99% of the time, the dog will respond well to the correction but the other 1% of the time, it goes crazy. What can I do?
Can you explain the different types of corrections used in dog training?
What is your opinion of these new Sonic Collars that use sound and not electricity to train a dog?
My redbone coonhound is being trained in S&R, but it will not come after the first two finds. What can I do?
I took my dog to a professional for training. The professional hung the dog with a second helper. Now my dog shakes whenever I take the training collar out. Ideas?
I can’t seem to teach my 2-year old Rott to jump in my truck. Can you give me some ideas?
My rescue dog is very timid. She sulks and drops to the floor after a soft correction. What should I do?
My dog cowers when I grab it by the collar. What can I do to fix this problem?

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