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Q&A on Raising a Working Puppy
I have a 9 month old Staffordshire Bull pup. Occasionally she gets freaked out about stupid things. Today, it was a leaf stem with cotton on it. Should I be worried about this?
I have two dogs and they get along well. The problem I am having with the Mal is if they are both in the yard and the Chihuahua starts running around, the Mal starts chasing her.
We have a 5-month-old dog and are going on a family vacation for 11 days. I don't know whether to board her at the vet or take her with. What are your thoughts?
How should I correct my puppy on those few occasions when she doesn't come?
My dog does great with obedience work at home, but at the Schutzhund club she has a hard time paying attention to me. What do you suggest?
I am wondering if how I have a certain way of playing set up with my pup will benefit for protection training later on and if it is even an okay way to play.
How do I split training time between obedience and prey development?
When should I start bite work with the pup?
My pup sits funny and I'm not sure how to make him sit the way I want him to. Do you have any suggestions?
We decided on having my boy get a Rally, CGC, and/or CD titles. I am ordering the Basic OB/Pack structure combo. Will these 2 be good enough for the goal I have for my rottie?
I'm worried that how my pup is behaving in the presence of other dogs will affect what I am training for. Should I be worried about this behavior or is it normal puppy behavior?
I currently own the hardest pup I have ever owned. He has begun to growl at me when I correct him and it is only getting worse. How can I handle this without killing drive?
I want my malinois to appear to be protective but not really. Any suggestions?
My pup has strange behavior when working with the tug. He is also very nippy and grabs at my pant legs. What should I be doing?
I have a 14 week old Rott that comes from very good working bloodlines. She has some issues with being aggressive in certain situations. What is your opinion of the dog?
I have a few questions about search and rescue...


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