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Obedience Training Dogs

Obedience Training Dogs

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Obedience Training Dogs - DVDs:

Basic Dog Obedience

Raising a Working Puppy

Electric Collar Training For Pet Owners

Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive Dogs

Training a Competition Heeling Dog

Building Drive & Focus with Bernard Flinks

Training a Forced Retrieve

Training the Jumps

Training the Send Away

Training Agility Dogs

Training the Motivational Retrieve with Bernhard Flinks

Articles on Obedience Training Dogs:


Ed Frawley's Philosophy on Dog Training

Ground Work to Becoming a Pack Leader

The Theory of Corrections in Dog Training

How to Fit a Prong Collar

Training Articles

Ed Frawley's Philosophy on Dog Training

Directory of Information for Basic Dog Obedience

Ground Work - The Steps to Becoming a Pack Leader How to introduce a new dog into your home and getting your dog ready for Basic Obedience Training

Learn to Obedience Train Your Dog using Markers - It is exciting and fun for both the handler and the Dog!

The Theory of Corrections in Dog Training

How Leerburg leather dog leashes are made and why they are so good

List of German, French, Czech, & Hungarian Working Dog Commands

Training the QUICK DOWN in MOTION

Note on the Concept of Differential Reinforcement By T.D. Frawley

The Motivational Steps to All Dog Training

So You Want to Learn the Basic Principals of Dog Obedience?

Clicker Training - Who should use Clickers

How to Solve a Problem With Your Dog That Will NOT Come When Called

How to Fit a Prong Collar


Questions & Answers on Obedience Training Dogs

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