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Q&A on Basic Puppy
I'm getting a pup from a breeder and just found out the pups have diarrhea & one pup died. Should I be worried about getting a puppy from this litter?
What's the shipping stress on a new puppy? I'm getting an 8 week old German Shepherd by air.
My 6 month old puppy gets very excited and lunges at other dogs when I go to our local pet store. I want him to not be so wild when he sees other dogs, I would appreciate advice.
An individual at the dog park was pushing away a puppy that didn't belong to him and when it tried to nip him he grabbed it by the scruff, shook it and threw it. This happened 3 times before someone intervened. What would you advise to do if your puppy is handled this way?
I live in an apartment and my new puppy is obsessed with my cat, can you help?
I found a GSD breeder that looked good on the internet & I put a deposit on a pup. After visiting the puppies I have some reservations, can you give me your opinion?
Is Honest Kitchen Preference plus cooked meat a balanced diet for a growing German Shepherd puppy?
My 8 month old dog loves other dogs and is very playful. When at the dog park he grabs other dogs by the face and ears & won't let go. The other owners at the park think my dog is aggressive and judge me as an owner. Should I use a muzzle?
My puppy growls at me when I put my hand in his food bowl while he's eating. Should I interrupt his meal and give the food back when he stops growling?
Would it be alright for my 4 month old German Shepherd to walk quickly next to my bike while I ride it short distances?
We are getting 2 Border Collie puppies and will be training them separately (we've read Ed's article) Should we put a screen between the two pups' pens to keep them from being too doggy?
My new 3 1/2 month old puppy goes beserk in the crate or ex-pen. Would an ecollar be warranted?
I take my dogs to a place for grooming that offers dog socialization. My older dog loves this but I am not comfortable allowing my puppy to interact with these other dogs. The owner of the facility says I am sheltering my puppy & I need to re…
I want to get into Schutzhund with my new pup and I have kids, will this training make my dog mean?
My 6 month old GSD doesn't have any interest in biting a tug or a towel. As an 8 week old puppy he was very good at biting. Should I forget about doing Schutzhund?
My puppy is teething, is there a soft tug I can use for playing with her right now?
My husband and I will be training a lab puppy to do therapy work. How and when do we introduce our dog to non-handler human interaction in a way that does not undermine your engagement and socialization training?
My 5 month old puppy was scared by my nephew when he rode his bike into her. Do you think my puppy will be permanently affected by this?
We plan on getting a schnauzer puppy in April. One breeder told us to get a belly band for the puppy in the house while house training--even in the crate. I haven't seen you mention anything like this. Is this a good idea or something to disregard?
My 10 week old puppy has noticed cars and wants to chase them. Can I use a prong collar to correct him?


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