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Q&A on Housebreaking
Our pup is 5 weeks old and will pee in the crate after one hour if we are in the room. She normally holds her pee all night. Why is she doing this?
Our friend has a humane society dog that pees on the rug. They won't keep it in the crate because it cries. What can we do?
My 15 week old puppy pees in her crate while she is sleeping. What should I do?
We house trained our puppy using pee pads on the floor. Now he will not relieve himself outside. What should we do?
My Bishon was housetrained but now she pees on the bed when she chases squirrels from window to window.
When should we stop crate training our dog?
I do not want to use a dog crate to house train our puppy. What can we do to correct the mistakes that we are experiencing?
My boyfriend has 3 year old dogs that are not yet house trained. What can I do?
My dog won't go to the bathroom outside...
When can I consider my dog house trained?
Our 14 month old dog is 100% crate trained. We would like to start allowing her to be loose in the house when we are gone (instead of in the crate) How do we do this?
We left our pup out of his crate and left him for 4 hours. When we returned, he tore up some papers. I corrected him for doing this but was it the right thing to do?
My 4 month old puppy has a serious problem with submissive peeing. Every time I approach she squats and dribbles. What can I do?
When my friends 8 month old pug had an accident in the house he corrected it so hard that now it rolls on it's back and pees when he calls it to him. What can he do to fix this problem?
When can I leave my dog alone in the house (outside of the crate)?
My 16 week old pup can only hold her bladder for 2 hours in the crate. She has been checked by a vet and there is no urinary infection. What can we do?
No matter how often or long I take my dog outside to eliminate he will not do it, but will wait until we get back in the house to go. What am I doing wrong?
Is there something that will attract a dog to a specific part of the yard to relieve itself?
Our 9-week-old Lab will poop 2-3 times a night. I'm concerned he will lose his natural instinct to keep his space clean. What can I do?
My pup will sometimes not make it outside to pee when I let it out of the crate. It gets excited and either pees on the floor or on the way to the door. What can I do?

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