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Q&A on Basic Obedience
My Rott female is doing well in obedience, but has started to growl at 1 in 10 people that approach. Do you have any advice?
My dog loves doing agility work, but suddenly he just doesn't want to do it. I noticed that he has been drooling a lot too. Any suggestions on what could be wrong?
I think the first experience with an Ecollar has left my dog somewhat traumatized. How can I regain his confidence and improve commands?
I rescued a dog last year. He has lots of issues with not listening and also being alone in the crate. He was abused in his last home. How can I get this to work out?
I'm trying to train my dog, but our cats are becoming a huge distraction because they all love to play together. Any suggestions?
I have a 1 1/2 year old working male Bouvier who is defiant about taking the platz/down command. He knows it, but is giving me the finger. Any ideas?
I say no and 99 times out of 100 he will come back to position but it seems I'm saying no every 5 seconds or so. Any advice on teaching him the proper position?
I think I have over corrected my 10 month old Rott because she is scared of me. Can I fix this?
My 14 week old pup gets distracted when out in public and does not mind. When can I start correcting this behavior?
My 73 year old mother got a White Shepherd. She has problems with the dog jumping up and also nipping at her shoes while on walks. Would a shock collar help?
My 8 month old GSD fell in the pool. Can they swim naturally or must they be taught?
My neighbors are giving me a hard time about my dog barking. Personally I don't mind it. What can I do to stop the barking?
I have an 8 week old puppy but don't want to make the same mistakes by teaching him too much too soon. Which video is best for me?
Does the prong collar have to be used for the rest of the dog's life, or can he graduate to a flat collar?
My 2 dogs both act up when we go for walks, and bark at everything in sight. Should I get a prong collar or go right to an e- collar?
My 5 month Min. Schnauzer bit our obedience instructor when she touched his feet. Should I be concerned?
Are all breeds trained in the same fashion? Should I get a prong collar, or just try a normal one?
My puppy went away to train for 3 weeks but the trainer says I sill need to work with him. He's seems frightened of everything. What can I do?
My dog will refuse to do a command and then evade me when I need to do a correction. Will a drag leash help?
My 12 pound dog cannot wear a collar because of a trachea problem. How do I correct her without a collar?

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