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Q&A on Basic Obedience
My dog excels in his formal training classroom environment but becomes anxious or excited in the park. Can you suggest one of your training modules that will assist me with his training?
I'm not sure if a prong collar or an ecollar is the best choice for our situation. What do you think?
I'm considering teaching my dog commands in another language to help her focus more. What's your take on this, and what languages are on the top of the list as far as tone and sharpness to consider?
I hike with my dog off leash. If I don't get him when we approach another dog, he runs at them and barks. He doesn't listen to me when I tell him to come. Is this because he doesn't look at me as Alpha? Any ideas?
I'm training my dog in competitive obedience and he has always listened very well until recently encountering a female coming into season. It ruined our entire training session. Can you advise any training tips to help with this problem?
I have an eleven month old German Shepherd female that chews everything imaginable in our yard and now has an obstruction. What kind of muzzle can I get to stop her from chewing?
My puppy isn't focused when we're in new environments. Do you have any suggestions for me?
I am about to get a second dog and I was recommended by a trainer to train the second dog in a different language in order to avoid command conflicts. I would like to know how do you guys feel about it?
I'm trying to teach my dog an emergency down from a distance. I was wondering if you had maybe one of your short videos on your website on how to do this or if you could direct me to where to find it in your Q&A.
I'm looking at your Dominant Dog Collar and the leather slip collar. Which of the two would you recommend for my situation or both for different uses?
Do you think you will ever make a DVD that helps you introduce the 'Ellis Method' to an already trained adult dog?
My dog has become leash smart. She does great with the leash on, even when dragging it around, but as soon as it comes off she doesn't listen. What would you suggest?
Do I need to treat my 3 dogs like they are each a new dog to the pack in order to fix my pack issues?
Is the dominant dog collar an appropriate tool for corrections while training heeling?
I’m confused on what type of correction to use for not coming when called.
My dog barks at me and won’t leave me alone when I sit in a chair to put my shoes on. I push him away and he just barks at me. How can I fix this?
When I start formally teaching the puppy, where should I teach her to heel? Also is it safe at any point to use a connector leash so that one leash controls 2 dogs?
I recently purchased your DVD on Basic Obedience Training. My dog has been doing well with the marker/treats training but will ignore me if I don't have any. Ideas?
Can you elaborate what a level 1 to level 10 correction are?
Can you recommend a school for dog trainers?

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