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Q&A on Basic Obedience
Our dog is obedient but when on a leash, she forgets you exist. Would Focused Heeling with Michael Ellis be something that would work for us?
My 10 month old GSD drags me when I try to walk her. She barks and sniffs the ground constantly. The previous owner trained her in S&R. How do I stop this behavior?
How do I teach a stubborn sighthound to heel? I used markers and treats but have now replaced it with correcting her on the leash. She still pulls and is distracted.
How do I train my adult dog to leave home? I can’t get him to leave the yard with me!
Do you think my dog would be a good canidate for a narc dog or some kind of work dog? Are there people who are not police officers who have work dogs?
I have 2 dogs how can I walk them both together? Two leads or a brace lead? Should one be on my right side and one on the left?
I have seen subtle signs of what I think is dominance around the house, but by all means not aggresive. Can you help me determine which collar to use?
When entering the house through the doorway, should my wife let the dog in first or the dog to follow?
What do you recommend for a year and a half medium - large size dog (60 pounds) who is a very aggressive chewer?
Is it possible to leash train two dogs at the same time?
I recently bought a one year old female working lines GSD. She is trained in German commands and I would like to switch her over to the English commands. How do I do that?
My dog loses her mind when approchaed by dogs and people. Is this part of a prety drive even though she just wants to play?
Our dog is a 3 year old Malinois and extremely friendly to people and gets very excited when he sees other dogs. How do you train a dog to ignore others?
When taking the dog for a walk, does he always need to be in a heel position? I pull him close as cars are passing and if there are a lot of distractions. Is it necessary?
I have a 9 month old GSD, 60lbs, and I am interested to know if I am pushing her too much in training.
My dog is gentle and does not show any aggression except towards large trucks, buses, squirrels, rabbits, and joggers (not walkers). What should I do?
I have trained large dogs for a long time and am about to train my first small. Will your methods in the Basic Obedience DVD work for this?
I am thinking about a new training method for my dog who lacks an enjoyment of toys. What are your thoughts?
My pup is not motivated by any type of food or treat, which makes him hard to train. Any suggestions?
How does the prong collar work? Also, my dog lunges at strangers, how can I stop this behavior?

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