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Q&A on Housebreaking
Do you consider it acceptable that TEMPORARILY, I confine the puppy to my kitchen with a puppy gate and put some newspaper down?
My dog is mostly housebroken, but has accidents when we take him to visit other peoples' homes or take him to work with us. What should we do?
Would neutering my 3-year-old intact male dog stop him from marking in the house?
Our 10 month old dog has been trained to use pads to pee on and now I want to teach her to go outside. How do we teach her to use the yard as her bathroom?
I'm having problems getting my 1-yr-old dog to go from using puppy pads to going outside. I tried moving the pads outside but she won't use them. Do you have any advice?
My 5 month old puppy poops in her crate and I ground her by canceling her walks and I don't feed her breakfast or lunch. How do I teach her and how do I correct her?
I have 2 dogs that are 3 years old. We adopted them six months ago and they will not go to the bathroom when I am watching them. What can I do?
My 3 year old dog is housebroken but he pees on our furniture. What can I do?
My dogs successfully use puppy pads. Occasionally, I find poop and urine in my carpeted dining room upstairs. What can I do differently?
After a long car trip, my dog refuses to go in his usual spot outside. What should I do?
My puppy with coccidia poops in his crate, now that he’s getting better how do I retrain him to not use his crate as a bathroom?
My 4 month old puppy stops in the middle of every meal to do her business, will she outgrow this?
What kind of correction should I use when my 13 week old puppy has a housetraining accident?
Our dog is housebroken but we are having problems getting her to go where we want in the yard. Any suggestions?
My 6-month-old has started going to the bathroom by the backdoor, sometimes right in from of me. Am I wrong to think my dog was housebroken?
We have a 10 week old puppy that is just about housebroken due to constant watching him. Is it possible to train him to come to us and let us know he needs to go outside?
My dog refuses to poop in our backyard after moving from our apartment to a house. Any suggestions?
I have a 9 month 3 1/2 pound yorkie poodle mix who goes in her kennel. I can't seem to find a kennel small enough where she can't find a corner to pee in.
My dog will not poop in front of anyone. PLEASE HELP fix my mistake!
We have a 10 week old that is doing great but gives no warning that he needs to go. What helpful advice could you give to help?

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