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Q&A on Housebreaking
I trained my dog on papers and now he refuses to go to outside. Any tips?
I just rescued an adult male dog, who seems to have had no housebreaking taught to him. I've read about your isolation method. Is this the right path, and if so, what's next in training him?
Our puppy will happily poop and pee on our property, but she will not do anything away from our property. This isn't too much of an issue on our half hour walks but we are concerned about what will happen when we have to take her on longer trips, overnight, etc. Any advice?
My dog is mostly an outside dog, but he comes in to sleep at night. After a previous incident, even if we leave him only for a short time he urinates in the house. What can I do? Also, my wife and I are expecting a baby, are there any articles we should be reading?
We just moved to a house without a fenced yard and now have to take the dog out on a leash, but she won't go. How do I make her go to the bathroom outside?
Somehow we've trained our pup to not go potty outside and to go where the Ex-Pen used to be. What would you suggest we do?
I have an 11 month old husky puppy and am having an extremely hard time house breaking him. He goes inside the house at least once a day and he doesn't want to go outside, we have to force him. Please help!!!
Can you tell us how to housebreak our puppy?
I took in a Yorkie. She does good when I'm around, but tends to have accidents when I leave the room. What's your suggestion?
Our puppy is very, very mouthy. It grabs my kids, my arms, my pants. What should I do to stop this?
My Lab poops in the bed of my truck everytime I load him up. How can I help my dog to learn that what he's doing is not acceptable?
It seems that everyone has an opinion on how long my GSD can hold her pee or poop. A friend said puppies can hold it for 1.5 hours for each month of age. Is this true?
My dog will find a place for urination or defecation and will eat the evident. I've gated off many of the rooms. Is it possible that some dogs can never be fully housebroken?
My dog sniffs around a lot to find just the right spot before he poops. Why does he do this? Any suggestions?
We use expens for different areas, including inside, outside and in the garage. Recently my puppy has begun going potty in the inside expen. What should I do?
My 50lb puppy will not go to the bathroom outside, only in the house on puppy pads. Do you have an ideas?
I have 2 five month old puppies and one of them uses the pee pads most of the time. The other one chews them up. What can I do?
I bought a dog 3 weeks ago and put bells beside the door. I've been training her to tap them when she needs to go but it has not been working. Help?
My dog recently started going potty in his crate and can't seem to hold it no matter how often I take him out. Is this a training problem?
Do you think it is a good idea to use an e-collar to house train a dog?

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