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Q&A on Housebreaking
My boyfriend and I have 2 dogs. We tried crate-training them. One has transitioned well, but the other has not. How can we retrain one without 'punishing' the other?
We are having trouble house training our new puppy. We are feeling exhausted and hopeless. Please help!
Since our Bichon Frise had her first litter this past July, there are times she will not potty outside. Thank you for any help you can give me.
I am thinking that when my dog passes, I may see about getting a puppy. What do you think about using my method for a puppy rather than crate training?
I'm trying to train my male Black Lab to poop in a certain area so my kids don't step in his messes. Any suggestions?
Our puppy will only Our puppy will only 'do her business' outside if we are standing out there with her. She won't step foot onto the yard unless we're with her. Suggestions?
How can I get my dog to hold he bladder until we are OUTSIDE without having to pick him up so that he won't piss on his way out?
I have 2 of your videos and I have a 7 month old chi/pom. He just recently started to cock his leg up to pee on furniture legs. What do I need to do to fix this?
Can you tell me a time frame on how long it takes a puppy to be house trained? In your experience, what was the longest it has taken any of your home pets to become house trained?
My dog won't go to the bathroom outside by himself eventhough he alwys has free access. What do you suggest?
I am not sure how to proceed with Bailey and her potty training, as she constantly has to pee. We've been to the vet. What would you recommend?
I began by crate training as you recommended but everytime I would go to the crate he would be laying in a puddle of urine. I don't kow what to do. What should I do?
How long will it take for our dog to alert us if he wants to go out. In your experience, what was the longest it has taken any of your home pets to become house trained?
After watching a the Pack Structure DVD, I have a few crate training questions. What do you recommend?
I've read about submissive urination and it doesn't seem common in adult males. Should I have my dog neutered?
I had two pups and one passed away from parvo. Now the other one has started to eliminate in his crate. What can we do about this?
Our new pup eats his poop. Why is he doing this and what can we do to make it stop?
My pup keeps going to the bathroom inside the house. We take him out frequently and he goes, but he comes right back inside and goes again. Any suggestions?
My pup refuses to use his designated area for potty breaks. How do I get him to use it on a regular basis?
I'm having trouble establishing a routine with my new pup for when he needs to go to potty after eating. Is this normal?

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