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Q&A on Basic Obedience
How can I train my GSD to be more protective of itself?
I have a pup who is almost always on a leash. I went to get something from the garage and next thing I knew, my dog went to go see a lady walking her dog. What's going on?
I have a Yorkshire Terrier that is VERY hyper. What do you suggest to correct a small dog with?
I was told that staring your dog in the eyes is a dominant move that should not be done. What do you think?
My Boston Terrier runs off when I take it off leash. He minds at home this just happens when we are out for a walk. What should I do?
We have a terrible neighbor who poisons dogs with anti-freeze. What can we do?
Our new rescue dog digs under the back yard fence and runs away – after a few hours it comes back. What can we do?
My dog wouldn't go into his dog crate so I pulled him in with a prong collar. He growled so I pulled him out and jumped on top of him. Was this the right approach?
I have a white GSD. People say we have to train these dogs differently. Can you tell me how we do that?
My dog always wants to chase other dogs if it hears them. Will a shock collar work for him? Will it effect his
I have a 18 month old pomeranian who just bit me. I had recently used a choke collar in training. Do you think this aggression was caused from using the choke collar?
I am working my 100 pound female in distractions. I only weigh 115 pounds. Should I use an electric collar?
I have a deaf dog and I have problems with her pulling me out of the card. I keep her on a leash but she is so wild. What can I do?
When my lab sees birds he runs off and will not come back. I think prong collars are not humane. What can I do?
I started training my 5 month old pup using food. I think that may have been the wrong thing to do. Am I right?
I train for 10 to 20 minutes every day and I am having problems teaching my dog to walk next to my knee in a heel position. What can I do?
What do you think of halti's?
Should my wife and I both obedience train our dog at the same time?
When we walk our 8 month old dog she pulls us down the street when we get near a house that she knows there is another dog at. Can a HALTIE solve our problem?
When our dog gets out of the yard, we need to chase it around the block with our car until it tires out. Then it will jump in the car. How do we keep him in the yard?

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